Every April, I participate in the Writer’s Digest PAD (poem a day) challenge. Some of my favorite poems have been a product of this challenge. Not only do you push yourself to write every day, the poetry community at WD is just that…a community! I’ve enjoyed reading and sharing with others there, so I’ve decided for my weekly posts in April, I will be sharing several of the 30 poems I hope to write.

I know poetry isn’t everybody’s thing (just ask Brent who suffers through reading everything I write), but maybe some of you will enjoy it. To me, there’s no greater fun in writing than employing sound devices and figurative language so you can smoosh a volume’s worth of meaning into a handful of words. It’s the ultimate downsizing, which just so happens to fit into my minimalist wannabe attitude on life.

The prompt for this first one was to “write a beginning or an ending poem…or both.”


The rule is simple:
Break the ice.
But unless your words are
Sharp, straight, and pointed…
Well, good luck!

And if you break through that layer
You are expected to jump in
Feet first, of course
Because plunging into the sub zero
Headfirst is just silly.

And while you splash around
Trying to find a great catch,
Hypothermia setting in,
You remember how good a hot cup of cocoa
Tastes while sitting in isolation.

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