Teaching by Numbers

This is one of the last times I will sit in a classroom, specifically as a teacher. The students are gone and all I can hear is the ticking of my clock.

With each stroke, I think about the numbers involved in my life since I began teaching.

I have taught over a span of 10 years and have made 9 different classrooms my home. There have been approximately 1,000 students who have filled my rosters and I’ve taught a total of 10, 260 class periods. I’ve taught history, science, writing, reading, English, AP Literature, The Truth Project, and creative writing.

In my years strictly as an English teacher, I’ve graded approximately 28,500 pages of writing (not including tests or quizzes) which adds up to be approximately 7,125,000 words.

I’m staring at empty desks and blank walls. I sigh with relief.

Relief that I won’t have to create another lesson plan. I won’t have to grade another essay. I won’t have to deal with any more bad attitudes or ungrateful hearts. No more blood, sweat, and tears as I try to convince students why reading and writing is important.

But I also won’t hear my name spoken cheerily on the lips of students as they enter class. I won’t see the look of understanding or the look of satisfaction when hard work does pay off. I won’t dry any more tears from heartbroken girls or tell guys “great game” even when they lost.

It’s been a good ten years, but I doubt that I shall ever come back. I’ve read over 7 million words from my students. Over the next ten years, I hope to construct my own 7 million.

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  1. I do understand the ambivalent feelings! However, you do have a way with words and God will lead you to the path that is right for you!

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